Monday, October 26, 2009

Barney and Andy Dunn and I got it right!!!!

Here they are Barney and Andy Dunn!!! They belong to my Pastor Tommy Dunn. These two fella have really stressed him out lately! They will not stay in the fence. Today at lunch he got a phone call from a neighbor that said that Andy was out and Barney was barking and really disturbing the neighbors! And I can tell you...that stressed him out!!!!
And here is a picture of his house...It is just perfect for him! And look at those ferns...he said that he waters them every other day! I was so proud of him that he has taken care of them so well!!
Jeff and Tommy got the fence fixed and now Andy and Barney will not get out of the fence!! Less stress on the Pastor!!! We all love him so much and he is such a blessing to all of us! Helping fix the fence was just one small way of taking a little stress off him!!!
And I won a prize from another blogger...!!!
She was going to a costume party and had us to guess who she was going to be and I got it right!!!! Yayyy!!! I am so excited!!! She is my Niece and the one that got me into doing a blog!!! I love her more than she will ever know!!!
Have a great day!!!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. my father-in-law has a little dog like those two & let me tell you he is BAD!!!!!!!!! loves to run away, dig, howl & bark @ EVERYTHING!!!!! saw on FB that you didn't feel good ~ hope your better today ~ we wives/moms don't have time to be sick! Feel better & have a great day LYLAS!

  2. Cute puppies but they can be a headache to neighbors:) and the owners. Hope they will behave themselves now. Congrats on the win, you lucky girl! Love you, SIS

  3. Barney and Andy? Cracking me up! I was so impressed with you guessing I Love Lucy with those few clues she gave?? Awesome. (BTW, saw the church pictures of Theresa's blog and I LOVE your outfit!) You looked so pretty.
    Love you lots!

  4. Cute doggies! I can not believe you guessed it right! Good job! Love you and I am sure you will get a great prize! :)