Saturday, October 17, 2009

Special Guest!

Well look a here!!! I had special guest...Alex and Avery came to spend the night with me! They were so much fun!! Even though Avery(the little one in the white shirt) said that my hair looked like Cruella!! I about died...She first started out asking me if I had got my hair painted...then she wanted to touch it to see if it was dry! Then she said that it was painted black and white like the lady on Dalmatian's!!


I just don't see the resemblance!!!

Have a good day!!

~Till Tomorrow~


  1. Me either but aren't they just too funny? Love your hair and it looks even better in person! Have a blessed day, love you!

  2. Ohh Cruella! I love those babies! It is strange not having them here! Thanks for helping and I am off to my walk!! Love you all!!

  3. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Don't ya just love the way their little minds work? Good thing they're cute, LOL! I'm glad you had fun with them...stay warm & enjoy your chili, I like mine with some melted jack cheese on top YUMMY :) LYLAS!!!!

  4. You think that's bad.... last night Lauren and I were brushing our teeth and I said.... "Man, I look terrible!" Lauren nods. I said "Did you notice it at the dance?" She said "yes". So, the dummy that I am pressed even harder and said "Did I really look that bad?" hoping for some encouragement... she said flatly "yes." Now this is the child that is so careful not to hurt mam's feelings! I guess I didn't look as good as I thought! lol!