Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Birthday...Breakfast!!

And here is one table...enjoy breakfast for my son!! I can't believe that he is 20!!!
Now here is another table...that right I invited the lots!! Tracy and Derek offered their basement so that we would have plenty of room and it was just MARVELOUS!! They will never know how much I appreciate it...Everyone just enjoyed themselves so much!! I think that we should do it more often!!

These four really enjoyed their day they all left and went to Walmart to see Luke Bryan...a country singer!! Justin wanted to go really bad and so they all went with him and they all just had a autographs, pictures and CD's!!! I am so glad they are such close cousins!!Here he is the Birthday boy!!!
20 years old!!!
I just can not believe it...Just seems like yesterday he was born and telling me that he wanted me to have him a brother and a sister!! He was and still is the most precious and handsome fella!! I love him so very much!!!

Sometimes when you ask for things you get them and he wanted a Brother and a Sister and that is what he got!! I love having all 3 of my children together!!! They make my world so complete!!

I have enjoyed having Justin home and SO glad he got to come home and celebrate his birthday with us!!!

~Till Tomorrow~


  1. Sweet Bithday Boy, Happy Birthday Justin! I love that fella and enjoyed his Birthday breakfast so much. What time are we eating this morning? hehe:)

    Love you, SIS

  2. I remember he wanted a brother and sister and something to drink! That little boy was always so thirsty! Funny how you remember silly things. I can hear him saying "I'm thirsty, momma". He was so cute and has grown into such a handsome man! I love him so much and I am glad he is in my life and loves my family. Autumn now has a huge crush on Luke Bryan now, though, thanks to Justin! Have a wonderful day and tell him I love him so much, of course, I will be calling and delivering cupcakes sometime today! ;) It is my duty!!

  3. awww, happy birthday to Justin...I'm so glad you had a great day with him! Have a great rest of the weekend, ENJOY! LYLAS!

  4. Loved the pictures!!! Glad you had such a great weekend. Can't figure out the time frames and how you all fit it all in! Sounds like you were super busy but relaxed too! Good for you. Justin will never forget this birthday! I am praying for your friend. xoxo