Monday, October 19, 2009

When it's cold outside!!!

We built a fire in our fire-place! We have lived here for 2 years and we have never built a fire before!! But my children mainly Bradley wanted a fire so a fire is what he got!!!

It was a good day at church and then home for the evening! And we really enjoyed to fire it was so warm and soothing!! If you look real close the rock beside my fire-place says "Why worry when you can Pray!!" And that is the truth...Ganky gave it to me when we moved in the house!! I also want to point out the fire-place set...KellyKelly got me a gift card for my housewarming and I got it!! We put it to good use last night!! Thank you!!

I hope you all have a wonderful day!!

~Till Tomorrow~


  1. What a beautiful fire, Sis! I could feel the warmth all the way up here... oh, that is my heating pad:) Love you and hope you have a great day!!!!!

  2. I love a good fire in the fireplace, but Derek gets hot so I don't get them as much. I think we need propane... hey remind me to call! I hope you guys had a great time with Justin. I know he loves to come home. Love you!

  3. Hey Sis, isn't it strange how billypsmom is still showing old post on the sidebar. I thought it was just me but I see yours is doing it too. Wonder why that is~? Oh well, now that I know it is doing it... I just go to see if she had a new post. Ok, see ya!

  4. What a beautiful fire! You should have called I would have come right over for the fixings for SMORES! Glad you had a relaxing day :) LYLAS!!