Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wow...what a day!!!

Sunday was one of those days!! In this picture, Is Ms. Louise Wilkins. She is one the most precious ladies I know and she has become very sick! She had knee surgery and from there her body has gone into shock but we are praying that she will do a complete recovery from all of this! I Love her so much and it just breaks my heart at the thoughts of something happening to her! Please help me pray for her!!

And here is the Birthday Boy...

So we went fishing and riding four wheelers for his birthday with Rhonda and Kerry to Rhonda's Parents house in Shady Dale!! It was a wonderful day!! Britani caught this huge fish and was so darn excited...look at the smile on her face!!

And in the next picture is Justin with his fish and then a picture of Bradley with his....This blog is not cooperating with me today...So I guess just enjoy the pictures and have a great day...sounds like its raining to me!!!

~Till Tomorrow~


  1. Good Morning Sis! I am praying for Ms. Louise and that she will recover for the sake of those precious children and all of us who love her! Great pictures and I love all those children! Who is the extra girl I didn't recognize? Love you and hug Justin for me:)

  2. Happy B-day to Justin! So handsome.
    Ms. Louise does not look 81??
    I think that's how I old I heard she was. She is precious and has some a friendly face.
    Love you and have a great, wet Monday :0)
    I'm sooooo sick of rain!

  3. It looks like everyone had fun! I know what you mean about the blog......Prayers going up for Ms. Louise! LYLAS!!!