Friday, October 23, 2009

Chili and Pumpkin Cobbler=Justins home!!!

For a while now I have been planning dinner with Leah and Bailey! I just love them so much!!! So it just so happened that we planned dinner and Justin was coming home! And of course Justin coming home I cooked...he loves his mama's cooking! Well Leah and Bailey came and Bradley's girlfriend Libby and I cooked for all of us!!!
I cooked this crock pot full of chili...YUMMY!!!!
And I also gave a try to a Pumpkin Cobbler!!
Go here and check it out!!
or here
And it was wonderful!!!!

And so all of that gives me a Happy Marine at home with his mama!!!

Even if I got yelled at for taking his picture as soon as he got out of the car!!! I tried to explain that bloggers have to take pictures and so he was not happy with me to start off with. But once he got inside and seen what I had cooked he didn't yell at me anymore and gave me a big hug!!! I do so LOVE my Marine!!!!
Have a great day!!!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. I could almost smell that chili, looks delicious! I am happy that our Marine made it home again. I can't believe how he drives that long distance EVERY time he gets a chance to spend time with his family. He is one fine fella! Love you all and TGIF:)

  2. Wow, that too looks good! and that Pumpkin Cobbler looks YUMMY!!!! I love anything with pumpkin in it :) ~ glad to hear that Justine made it home & that L&B got to have a great dinner with you! LYLAS!!!

  3. Glad you got your boy again! He loves family and church so much! I am so happy to hear that you cooked the pumpkin cobbler! It is SO good. I hope Kelly will try that one now that she has made the pumpkin cookies. Love you!!