Friday, October 2, 2009

There goes the slide!!!

Here is the slide that we got for Alex's Birthday Party and buddy it is a BIG one!!
18ft dual slide!!!! The kids all had so much fun on it but it was not so easy trying to get this thing back!!! So we called Spacewalk and asked them to please come and pick it up cause we just didn't see it fitting up on a truck and they would have all the special equipment they need to get it and no one would kill themselves over it!!

Here is there special equipment...A FORD way was that big huge slide going on that truck.....

the guy in the brown was the one they sent out to get it and the other guy is just some one working at the house and offered to help!! So he rolled it up smaller and tide the strap around it and got it standing on its end and the whole time I am telling this little fella this is not gonna fit and he said he has put bigger ones on his truck before and so I just stood back...
and sure enough here it goes!!!
I just can't believe it...He got that BIG HUGE slide on that little Ford Ranger!!!!

And the slide is gone!!!

And after a long day and know that my son had just told his teach that he spends 8 hours in school and should not have to do homework I walk in and....would you just look a here...Bradley is doing HOMEWORK!!!

I hope that each and everyone of you have a fantastic Friday!!!

~Till Tomorrow~


  1. Girl...I can't believe it fit on that tiny truck! At least we didn't see the moon while they loaded it:) That Bradley is too cute even while doing his homework. Love you and happy Friday!

  2. That slide fit into thatlittle truck!!!!!? Billy tried that line on his teachers too & guess what he got EXTRA homework :), he never pulled that one again!!! Kids, they'll say anything :)....have a great day, God Bless LYLAS!

  3. Bradley is such a studious boy! HA! I know how much he dislikes school. Thank heaven for his spirit. Have a good one. TGIF.

  4. I, too, cannot believe that thing fit on the truck! Derek was so frustrated with that slide, I swear he was ready to set it on fire! I am glad someone came to get it because we were about to argue about it! :) I was gonna win, though! Heehee! Love you and thanks for helping out with the slide connection! I am not sure if we will be able to do that one again or if he will forget by the next party!