Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wisdom Teef...

I boy is smart!!! He has wisdom teef...and when they pull them....he will still be smart!! Yeah that's right, Justin is having his wisdom teef pulled today!! 9:30 this morning to be exact! Poor thing and I am not anywhere around to help take care of him!! :(
They will be putting him to sleep and then...snatch those teef out of his mouth! And he was suppose to come home this weekend!! And if he feels like it he will...He loves to come home!!! I just pray that all goes well and he has very minimal pain!! Please keep him in your prayers!! I would love to see him this weekend and his Birthday is Sunday!!

Hope you have a great day!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. OUCH ~ they pulled Billy's wisdom teef right before he came home the last time...he was out of MOS school for the last week and a half, they took his work back to the barracks for him so he wouldn't fall behind. I hope it goes o.k. for him & you enjoy your time with that handsome Marine :) LYLAS!

  2. Well, I hope and pray that it isn't too painful afterwards. I was trying to remember how it was after Tracy got hers done. We'll wait and see. I hope he comes home for his birthday but not if he doesn't feel like it:( Poor fella. Love you, SIS

  3. ohhhh.... praying he gets to come home! For you and him!!!!

  4. I hope he has a surgery like mine. Just a little pain, but no dry sockets! I hear they are bad! Let me know when you hear if he is coming home!! Love you.