Thursday, October 22, 2009

Short and Sweet

Well short and sweet...that is me..Ha! Not alot going on for pictures yesterday, I am so sorry! I had a day of school and I sure hope that I passed. That math was HARD!! But the writing part was pretty easy. The essay had ot be on "How I want to be remembered." I felt like I was writing my ulogy! I had to explain all the good things that I thought about myself and that I hope all of my children, family and friends will remember about me when I leave this world! It really made me think about the way I think about life on a daily basis!
And now for the rest of my day after school. I went to BJ'S and got all my stuff for the Fall Festival that Jeff and I are in charge of this year! 235 hotdogs and 8 bags of chips and 10 cases of drinks! I sure hope we have enough! Jeff went to the Dekalb Farmers Market and got a Bushel of Green Peanuts. We will be washing them tomorrow and put them on to boil Friday!! I love boiled Peanuts!!!
So for now I am going to work and I will try to take some pictures today!! Well I am sure I will...Guess who is coming home!!!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. Well, I am happy you are done... and very proud of you for knocking the dust off of your brain to take on such a challenge. I know of two others who would be really proud of you:) It wouldn't be hard to write how you would want to be remembered... just talk about how you live your life, tahdah-essay done:) Love you and I guess Justin is coming home-yipppeeee!

  2. Justin, again!!! Yay! He is spoiling you. Of course, he drives all this way because he gets spoiled! I am so proud of you. The girls know what day it is and the last thing Avery said to me when I closed her door last night was "In the morning when I wake up, Cindy will be here". See you soon!

  3. Sounds like you've got a fun weekend ahead of you. Enjoy. I'm sure you deserve it after challenging your brain this week.

  4. What are boiled peanuts?
    ms. washingtonian

  5. I'm sure you passed!!!!!! I'm so glad Justin is coming home :) have a great time with him, looking forward to the pictures! LYLAS!