Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Look what I got!!!

Look what I got...A Blackberry curve...Isn't it just so cute! Well it may be cute but it is way smarter than I am! It does alot more than I can figure out how to do! But I guess I will be doing more learning! Not just school anymore...PHONE!!!

I will be working on it every free moment...I even have facebook on excited!!!
The twins got new phone also...but of course they know how to use theirs already!! I can barely figure out how to answer mine and they have mastered theirs!! But I am 23 years older than them!! I will time!!!
You all have a great day!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. Cute phone! Isn't it amazing what all we can do with them. I still love my iphone and don't want to change again for a long time:) Love you and have a great day!

  2. I need a new phone, we all got new ones last Thanksgiving when Billy was home on his 96. He hated the phone he bought & talked me into swapping phone with him so now my cute little phone is packed in a war locker in Okinawa ~ go figure I haven't made it there yet but my phone did & I also hated the phone he bpught so I went back to my OLD one so I
    ll be checking out those phones soon too & i know what you mean..I'm luck if i can figure out how to turn them on :) LYLAS!!!!!

  3. Ohh you know that is my all time favorite phone. I miss it and have to see it in Tami's hand every day since I gave it to her! UGH! I should have given HER the STORM! sorry Bradley, but I hate that one. I hope you like it more than me! Love you all and have a wonderful day!

  4. You'll have it figured out in no time. Besides, you've got two of the best teachers to teach you. Teenagers can figure out how to do everything with a cell phone except make a snack.