Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Class of 2011 and package

I just got a package...I just got a package...And it was full of goodies!!http://amberfilkins.blogspot.com/
was doing a fall giveaway and I won!! It was so much fun and I love all the goodies!!

The twins will be graduating in the year of 2011 and during their Junior year of High School they receive their class rings!! I am so proud of them!!Here we all are minus Justin!! :(

This is Bradley's Ring!!

And here is Britani's!!

It was a wonderful evening and then I got home to do more school work...I take my test tomorrow for Reading, Science and Social Studies so I will be doing lots of studying today...tonight!! I think that my head is going to blow off! Too much info for an ole rusty brain!!!
I hope that you all have a Terrific Tuesday!!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. Sweet gift! Precious night at the ring ceremony! Still having trouble with the fact that they are as big as they are! Love you and just shake your head occasionally from left to right... the rust will fall off:) Love you, SIS

  2. OOOOH you got your goodies! They look yummy... I mean lovely! The class rings are so nice! I know they are pleased. Your schooling will not last too long. Hang in there! You can do it! Love you!!!

  3. Their rings are so pretty. Cam just brought his order form home last night. And he's in the same grade as the twins. Hmmm. Oh, well, good luck with your test. And if you get nervous, just do like Marcia Brady did. Picture the instructor in his underwear. Hey, it worked for her.

  4. Well CONGRATULATIONS to you!!! I love those Brach's Autumn canidies, yummo!!! Those rings are so pretty, you must be proud. Bet you're counting the seconds until Justin gets home??? OH, you're head won't blow off I promise :) ~ just stick to your guns & it will all come together! You'll do great!