Friday, October 9, 2009

Coming Home!!!

Today this car will drive in my driveway and I just can't wait!!! And I bet he will have that smile on his face also!! He might have some puffy cheeks but I love him with puffy cheeks too! He had puffy cheeks when he was a baby!

I am always so excited when I know that he is coming home!! I know that is all I talk about on those days but...Look at him...who wouldn't talk about him all the time if he was theirs!!

Ok You all have a great day!!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. He is a cutiepie, as a baby and now:) I am happy he is getting to come home. Hey... it is his birthday and he needs to be with family. Love you and have a happy Friday

  2. Oh I know you'll be hugging him so much when he pulls in!!!!! Any special plans for him on his 96? Well I know you'll be pacing in the driveway waiting on him so go get a good spot and set up a lwan chair and wait, that's what I'd be doing...everytime Billy came home I made Mr. P take me to the airport to wait we'd be there about an hour & a half to two hours before he was scheduled to was easier to take me there than to have me picking at him to get's a mama thing!!!!! Have a great day, LYLAS....

  3. Yeah!!! Thank you, Lord! I am glad you get your marine fix this weekend. I miss my kids all the time and they are just married and still in the state! lol! Enjoy your weekend!!! love you!

  4. I am so happy he gets to come home and we get the pleasure of having him over for breakfast in the morning! Yay! Lucky us! Full bellies and good company! What more can you ask for? Hopefully he is feeling ok from the surgery. Love you and have a great day... I know you will ;)