Tuesday, August 4, 2009

11th grade

1st day of 11th grade!!!
(Bradley and Britani)

Wow!! 11th grade I just cannot believe it!! They are growing up!!

This is s big year...graduation test and class rings and prom and all kinds of stuff gonna be going on! But the best part of all they get to drive to school everyday!!
Here they are getting in the car leaving on their 1st day of school!!

I just can't believe it!! They got in it and drove off...called me as soon as they got to school to let me know that they made it ok! I made Justin do this for the few years that he drove to school and so now they must do it too!!

They did really good...off to bed at 10:00 and up at 7:00! They sometimes don't get along so good but for the most part they do really good to spend so much time with each other!! One day they will realize how lucky they are have each other! I know that I don't know what I would do without my siblings!!

They had a good day at school and they are not real sure about the new schedule they have...they are now on a block schedule and will have only 4 classes a day and will last about 2 hours each!! I sure hope that they will adjust and like it!! You know kids just don't want to answer my 100 questions when they get home but they sure wanted me to fill out about a 1000 papers so they can get there grades started off with an A!!! I hate filling out all those papers and mine are all the same just doubled...I don't even get to read anything different for the 2nd child! UGH!!!

Well that was our 1st day of the 11th grade and can't wait to see what all this year holds for my Twins!!! Well they did good and called when they were leaving school so I got in the kitchen and fixed them a snack :)!!! Then they were not home by the time I thought they should be home so I called and well so much for my snack...they went to McDonalds!!! :(

It sure hurt my feelings!!!! But that just goes to show they don't need me like they use to!!! So I guess Jeff will be eating PBJ sandwiches tomorrow!!! I at least know he will appreciate the snack I made for the twins!!!

And before bedtime Jeff and I went for a walk! We walked a mile!!! I went to the doctor and had lost some weight but of course he said I still need to loose more!! Like I didn't know that!!! So 1200 calories here I come...a walk every night and drinking lots of water!!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Glad they survived the first day:) I can't believe they are in the 11th grade already, time sure flies by! They are truly precious to their Ganky! Love the picture of them getting into Pop's car:) Have a blessed day!

  2. I know what you mean about the hurt feelings... sometimes they just don't need us as much as we want them to!
    They are so handsome and pretty. I have to fill out all that dumb paperwork for kindergarten, fifth and sixth!
    Love you and have a happy day. Good job on the mile walk. Keep it up :0)

  3. We have another month before school starts around here. This is the best month of summer for us. I loved the first day of school. When I was in school and when my kids were. Great times!

  4. I'm right there with you! I walk I eat rabbit food and still have oh about one-bizillion ponds to go :O ! I'm glad the twins had a good first day, Billy had "block classes" all throughout high school, he really didnt' mind once he was adjusted that it, lol! Great blog, keep up the great writing I look forward to this every day!!!!!