Friday, August 7, 2009

And she is up and at em'

She really was running a fever yesterday!!!
When I got to work this morning this is what I found! Isn't she pretty!!
Oh and Kelly look she has on those princess high heels!! LOL!!!
These girls love them!!
And so then after breakfast and lunch they decided to have some ice cream!
Avery likes hers in a bowl!

Alex likes hers on a cone!!

And from the looks of these pictures who would have ever known she was at the ER with a fever just yesterday and now she is up and at em'!!

Well what a good day we had and are looking forward to another one today!!! And I hope that you all have a good day too!! It's Friday!!
~Til Tomorrow~


  1. Cute pictures and I am happy that she is feeling much better! Love you and have a fantastic Friday!

  2. We LOVE Ice Cream Cones at the Parrish House! They are almost a daily treat and very low cal too! I hope Alex gets over this junk and does not get sick ever again (not likely but she does not deserve this). Love you and have a wonderful Friday!

  3. I'm so glad that she is feeling better, and tell Avery I like my icecream in a bowl too ~ that way there i can melt peanutbutter in the microwave and pour it all over th etop ~yummmmmmmm....well i guess i'll have my fat free frozen yogurt :) Cindy, I don't knw if the stores near you sell the brand Skinny Cow if they do grab a box or two they're low-fat icecream treats, on the weight watchers program they ar eonly 2 points & so yummy!