Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Mama!!

Happy Birthday Mama!!!
I miss you so much!!!

She was the BEST mama ever!! I miss her with all my heart! She would have been 84 today!! She passed away almost 21 years ago!! She was and still is one special lady!!!

Have a good day!!

~Til Tomorrow~


  1. Happy Birthday ~ I bet you do miss her, know that she is watching down over all of you ;)LYLAS!

  2. Nuthin wrong with us having the same picture:) I love you and miss her too! We are who we are because they loved us:)

  3. Yes, she was incredible. I've never known anyone else that could do the things she did and a lot of the time she was handicapped doing it. She was wonderful and raised an amazing family. I'm sure the closeness we all have makes her smile.

  4. I just hugged my mom yesterday and said "I don't know what I would do without you!!!!" I love my mama so much! I am sorry yours is gone... but she really isn't... she's waiting for you in heaven!

  5. I know how much you must miss her! I miss her, too. I was telling Kelly I wish so bad she could have lived to see us all get married and have our own children, and she could teach us how to do all that stuff she was so good at. You were so good to her.. I remember that.
    Love ya lots, Cynthia!