Thursday, August 6, 2009

Make you say wow Wednesday!!

As you all have heard over and over again I keep this precious little girl every day and she is just that PRECIOUS!!
She has had such a hard time of being sick!! But for a few weeks now she has been doing so good! We started out the day with a moonpie, they are her very favorite!!! And if you have ever eaten also would love them!!!
And then not long after that we went on our weekly grocery shopping trip!! It was fun and we sing songs and laugh alot !!!
When we got home the girls were just starving and so I got in the kitchen and fixed them a couple of corn dogs!!! Boy I would love to have been able to eat one of them!! But no! I have to be on a diet and eat a Tuna Wrap....don't get me wrong it was delicious!! So anyways the girls got the good stuff...I got the good for me stuff!!!

And so it was then time to go and get Austin from the bus stop and Alex was asleep in the chair! Not something that a 4 year old normally does! And so from there my heart dropped!!! A fever....WHY??? I hated to make that phone call to her mommy but she was turning in the driveway and quickly came in and we gave her medication and called the Doctor! Tracy ended up taking her to the emergency room. And Praise the Lord NO pneumonia!!! Maybe a virus but we will just all keep a close eye on her!!

We all have prayers going up for her that she will get better!!!

My day was other than that good!!! I am hoping for another good day today!! And I hope the same for you all too!!

~ Til Tomorrow~


  1. Ohhhhh I would have loved to have a corn dog too, but NOPE like you I'm on a "Live-It" , it's a life style change and we're trying ot do good so we can live longer right??? So let's not call it a "DIE-it" - from today on it's a LIVE-IT, hehehehe!!! I do hope she is feeling better, poor little darling baby girl, they are so beautiful!!!

  2. I love a moon pie, but haven't had one in forever... I love a corn dog but don't eat them either. I love my sweet Alex and hope she is feeling better today, glad no pneumonia. Love you and have a great day!

  3. Well I was scared it was Pneumonia too! So glad it was not and that she didn't get a needle stuck in her little body even once! I was dreading that. Thanks for all you do and for getting the prayer wheel turning! We all love you!!

  4. Moon pies and corn dogs. Oh, to be a kid again.