Saturday, August 8, 2009

Snack Time!!!

This is who makes them!!
And this is what they are!! Freeze Dried Apples!!! And they are just wonderful!
This little bag is only 28 calories and 0 fat and equals to one serving of fruit!!!

I can't wait to try more flavors!!! IF, I or some one that loves me very much (Tracy) finds them!! We are on a mission!! I know the manager at Kroger and I am asking him about them!! LOL!! They are just that good!
I hope that you all have a Super Saturday!! I have no plans...except I plan on relaxing!!
~Til Tomorrow~


  1. You go girl you need a break, lol....about thos apple chips if you are having a hrad time finding htem at the stores see if they have a web-site and order them on-line! That's what I do with Glory Foods, they don't sell that brand up north, lol!!!

  2. Well that is two of you that say they are wonderful, I will give them a try. Sounds like something my honey would like too. Happy Saturday! Love you, Sis

  3. Love them. Well, not those exact ones, but ones like them.

  4. They are yummy! I am wondering which ones Kelly likes? We have only tried apples and potatoes. You will have to go try the snacks I tried yesterday too! The little girls LOVE them! I hope you have a wonderful Saturday! No plans here!!

  5. I love those EXACT ones. You can get an entire case at Sam's for about $13.
    I'm obsessed with them!!!!
    Love you!