Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Simple things or things simple!!!!

They just don't do Television shows like this anymore!! We sat around and watched the Andy Griffith Show last night!!! It is just a good clean show!! I just sat here and thought about what life would have been like to live back in those days! To sit on the porch and sing songs and drink tea! But then they had to hand wash clothes and wash all the dishes by hand! YUCK!!!
Just gave me alot to think about and well alot to be thankful for...

1. Air Conditioning

2. Dish Washer

3. Washer and Dryer

4. Microwave

And this list could just go on and on!!

I think about how simple things were then but I also think about all the things that make life simple now!!!

Well you all have a good day!!!

~Til Tomorrow~


  1. Those were the days my friend:) But, hello... no computer? what would we do without that? AND cellphones? Oh my, Aunt Bea... Love you, SIS

  2. That was a great blog! Sometimes we long for simpler times but know we can't stand to go camping because of all the things we have to do without! Maybe we should all go camping once in a while to realize how good we have it! NOT. Nice thought though!! I can not sleep without my fan! Love you! Have a wonderful day and enjoy the chops!

  3. I loved this post!!!!! I think about those things all of the time, I love all of those old shows...and actually my blog tonight was going to be about well you'll see. hmmmm hmmm hm hmmm hhmmmh hmmmmh hmmmmh!that's the andy whistle, lol!!!!!