Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sweet Saturday!!

This is my brother Marshall!
And this is my brother Leon!!
And I went to visit them yesterday and took them each a plate of these...Fried Half Moon Apple Pies!!! It is one of their favorites that our mama use to make for them and I hardly ever make them but when I do I share with them!!

I made some stuff for Jeff to carry out of town with him and he really does appreciate it!!

And then Bradley wanted a pound cake!!

And that is what I did all day!! I have a really bad crick in my shoulder/neck but I did manage to get these things baked and delivered!!
It was a Sweet Saturday!!
Have a Blessed Sunday!!!
~Til Tomorrow~


  1. What a sweet post and it has nothing to do with the goodies:) Love our Brothers and they love those fried pies! That was a mighty nice Sisterly thing to do! Oh and I know Jeff appreciates having some of your sweetness while out of town!
    Love you, Sis

  2. You are too sweet! That was so thoughtful of you and I'm sure they loved them. Probably brought back "sweet" memories.

  3. recipes??? the food looked so good you need to make your own family recipe site to share like I did! Have a wonderful day.... you are such a good sharer!

  4. OMG~I could have taken a bite out of my monitor looking at all of that good stuff!!! I'd sure love to sink my teeth into one of those moonpies!
    Hope you have a great week! LYLAS!!