Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Not enough to live on...

I got my SS statement in the mail on Saturday and just opened Monday and I was just devastated!!
$338 is all that I will be allowed... if I even get to draw Social Security.
And that is not enough for me to live on!!!
That will not even pay a power and water bill!!
What in the world will I do??
I sure hope that I win the lottery by the time I turn 62 so that I will be able to live!
But other than that wonderful news I had an okay day!!
Jeff is back out of town and Granny is back at work so it was just me and the twins!!!
Have a Terrific Tuesday!

~Til Tomorrow~


  1. Girl, I hear ya!!!!! I've been working since I was 17 years old paying into Social Security if I was to stop working now and file for disability like my doctor told me to do I'd only be making 1600.00 a month :( we'd have to rent out our house and move into a tent in the backyard!!! When you work hard all of your life it's very sad to open up that statement and see such a small amount...and when I retire it only goes up just a bit, wooohoooo...I'm trying that lottery thing too & if I win I'm living 1/2 of the year down there and 1/2 up here and we can open up a bake/gift shop! We'll get Leah to do the PR!!!! I'm glad Granny is back to work, I know you'll be missing Jeff but those twins will keep you BUSY!!! Love YA!

  2. Well, thankfully you have almost 22 years to worry about that! I would start socking away money every month for that day! I bet it was a little bit lonesome down there last night. Glad Granny felt good enough to go back to work and can't wait to hear how she did. Love you and have a great day!

  3. Well, we can thank Obama for alot of what is going to happen! He is trying to flush us down the toilet! Put some back and see how much adds up! Some people never spend change. Just put it in a jar. Wonder how much that would add up to in a year! Love you and have a great day!!