Saturday, August 15, 2009

Traffic, dinner and sisters!!!

I am so glad that I only work 15 minutes away from home!
I took Britani to spend the weekend with Lisa and Brittany Dalton...all the way to Newnan!!! And on the way back this is what I sat in...
That's right me and Brenda sat in traffic!! For lets say about 2 hours!!! I was fit to be tied!!! I never have to sit in traffic like that an it was just horrible! But Brenda and I made the best of it!!! We talked to people in cars around us and they notice my Marine magnet and told me to tell my Marine "Thank you!!" I thought that was very nice! Not that you can trust people now a days so we were very careful!!!
It was just the two of us...Bradley and Tyler had gone to a football game and so we thought we would take our chance on eating out! Something that we have not done much since Brenda got sick!! But we did it and we did really good!!! Longhorn...YUMMY!!!

Well that is about it! Can't wait to see what Brenda and I do today!! Jeff will be home late tonight!!! So we have today of just us two!!

~Til Tomorrow~


  1. I hate traffic too, I work in Rhode Island so I have about a 35-45 minute commute to & from work every day, that's why I need the US MArines to send me a HUMVEE!!! LOL Glad that Brenda is feeling better! Enjoy you day!

  2. Morning Sis, I remember those days of sitting in traffic EVERY day, yuck! Glad you made it home OK and had some good company to chat with:) Love you and enjoy your Saturday!

  3. You're so blessed to have Brenda in your life! I want a Brenda!

  4. Ok, well I missed commenting yesterday. I had a busy one! I tried out the new cake recipe and it had a lot of steps but was yummy! I hate traffic. I can almost understand road rage when I am stuck in it and I know that is not a good thing!! Love you so much!!