Friday, August 28, 2009

My Car is SICK...NOT My Son!!

Yes...I did just get my car in February...But for the past few days I have been hearing a roar in it!! not good!!! I told my husband and he said it was just road noise!!! But I just would not settle for that!! I had the tires rotated and balanced and still had the noise!! So of to the dealer I go...

And sure enough it is sick....the Wheel Bearing is going out in it!! UGH!!

I have a loaner Impala...smaller than my Equinox but it is a ride!

Have a great day and it is a very special day... It is my sister Barbara's Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday Dear Barbara,

Happy Birthday to you!!!!

I love you so much!!


  1. Glad you took your car and they will get it all fixed up! Our sweet Sister-Happy Birthday! Love you!

  2. Sorry about the sick car....don't ya just love when our men tell us it's "road noise" or something like that, lololol!

    Happy Birthday Barbara!!! MANY MANY MORE!

  3. Have a great day Cindy!!! Thanks for your prayers!

  4. OMgoodness, Jason does the same thing to me! And I'm the one who drives the darn car every day, so I know when something is wrong. We Howell gals are smarter than our men give us credit for. I hate when cars screw up. They're supposed to always and forever work exactly like we want them to, never make funny noises or squeaks, never need oil changed, never need tires or brakes worked on, and always be full of gas. Thank you very much!
    Love ya!