Monday, August 24, 2009

Party Time...Surprise!!!

Happy Birthday John!!!
The picture on the cake was John himself when he was a Little fella!!!

It was a surprise party and it was definitely a surprise!!
They handed him a note to read and it was an announcement to invite everyone to his party! He was shocked!!! We had lots of fun!!!

Well that was about all the excitement that we had for the day and I would have to was just enough!!!
Have a Marvelous Monday!!

~Til Tomorrow~


  1. He is a fine fella-Happy Birthday John! I bet that cake was delicious! Love your new background:) Have a blessed day!

  2. No one made a peep at church about it. Good for y'all!

  3. Yeah it was a surprise for all of us too!! They did not even tell us!!!

  4. That was great! I would have cried, hehe!!! That cake was beautiful, I love how they do that, almost makes you not want to cut it up!