Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Alexis!!!

Happy 4th Birthday Alexis!! This sweet face is a little girl that we go to church with and her memaw is one of my best friends! She has lived with her memaw since she was about 3 months old and everyone at church just loves this little girl!!!
Today was her birthday and she had her party at Chick-fil-a!!
Even the cow came to the party...Alexis loved it!!!
Every chance she got she would give the cow a hug!! She is so cute and loves every one so much!!

Memaw made her a little mermaid cake...I decided to just have ice cream and gave Joan my piece of cake to take to her husband!!
She blew out her candles and made a wish and just look at that face...I wonder what she wished for!!! When I asked her Sunday what she wanted for her birthday she said " I would LOVE to have some chocolate!!!" And well that is what I got her...A pack of M&M's!!!
Even Pastor Tommy came to the party!!! He is such a blessing to everyone at the church even the little ones!!! I like his shirt...the bottom of it says Jesus fixed it all with just 3 nails!!

It was a Terrific Tuesday!!!

I hope that you all have a Wonderful Wednesday!!
~Til Tomorrow~


  1. She is a sweet precious little girl! Loved the picture of her with the cow:) And the cake looked delicious, Ms. Janice can really cook. Preacher Tommy looks handsome and loved the shirt! Love you, Sis

  2. She looks like a model in that first picture! She is beautiful!! ..and so sweet! Ms. Janice has done a great job with her. Of, course, so has the rest of the church! ;) love you.

  3. She's just a little doll, and so loved I can tell.
    I'm with her, I would just really LOVE some chocolate!!
    Love ya lots!

  4. She's so pretty. Happy Birthday Alexis !! The T-shirt is too cute and true. I just love that color. One of my favorites. What a good place to have a birthday party. I can't recall one Chick-fil-A that I've got bad service or somebody rude.My Kayleana calls it Chicklala. It's so cute to hear her say it. A little info about them to. They even accept expired coupons. I had an emplyee tell me one time that they have took a coupon that was 3 years old. Have A Great Day !!!!