Sunday, August 9, 2009

Date Night...(sorta)

Ok well just a real lazy day!! Well not so lazy, I cleaned and did laundry. Jeff had to work so as soon as he got home we had to go to the funeral home. An elderly lady and long time member of our church past away and Jeff is doing the service so we went to show our respect! Well no-one wanted to go! Granny rested all day and Britani was hoping to hang out with Bailey and Bradley was well all over the place with Tyler. Sooooo, that left just Jeff and I to go to the funeral home!! Hardly ever does it happen that way and we laughed about it when we left that we were going to go on a date to the funeral home! But after that we did go have dinner!! Not use to that!!!
We went to a Mexican Restaurant in Covington. It was not very crowded and the food was good!

But because I have been on a diet, I really tried to be good! I got a Taco Salad! And I guess because I have not been eating so much I didn't eat very much at all!

So that was my day and date night!! Ha! We enjoyed ourselves and maybe next time we can take in a movie instead of a visit to the funeral home!
Hope you have a Super Sunday!

~Til Tomorrow~


  1. That was funny! A date to the funeral home:) Well at least you got out of the house and got to eat something delicious! Love you and see you soon!

  2. You had one of my nights.....a familey friend of ours passes several years ago. She had been inthe Army with my dad & all of them dad, mom, aunt (dads sister) & her husband they all went to school together all the way from KG - 12th grade. Her daughter & son-in-law were Air Force and when Carol died they asked if I would watch the new baby I said yes, so my cousin went to pay our respects early in the day ~ my aunt looked inthe paper because she couldn't rememebr the name of the home ~ off we go...we walk in and tthe entire room is filled with black people, so not a big deal we walk up to the casket & the Carol R. in the casket is also black. Problem being our Carol was whiter than white. How many people pass and are waked on the same day in the same town at the same time with the same name you far 2 & we found the wrong one,we laughed so hard.....we went through the line paid our respects and then walke dout and started cracking up!

  3. Well, a date is a date. Glad you and your hubby enjoy being together no matter where you're at.

  4. Thanks for thinking of me today! It was a pretty teary-eyed morning for me, but I think I'll make it. I can only imagine your pain having to let Justin go be his own man for so long.
    You cracked me up with the funeral home date. Hey, take what you can get :0)
    Love ya lots!