Friday, August 14, 2009

Walk a mile in my shoes...

Walk a mile in my shoes or in this case 2 miles!!! YAY for me!!! I have done really good on my diet all this week and I have walked every night since Sunday except Wednesday and I am up to over 2 miles!!! I put on my shoes...kinda like these. Nike of course but may be looking for some new ones...any suggestions?
My kids all have one of these and Britani just got her the new I-pod touch and so I used her old one and I got me an arm strap and off I went! Love me some music to walk to it makes it go by so much quicker!!!

But because we had just heard about a lady that is missing that was out walking my family did not want me going by myself so lets see who went with me...

Of course she does not need to do any exercise she is so small but she just like me put on those shoes and got her I-pod and off we went!! We had good quality time walking!!! She is my baby girl and I love her and appreciate her protection!!
You all have a Fantastic Friday!!!

~Til Tomorrow~


  1. I am proud of you, WooHoo! That Britani is such a sweetie and I appreciate her protecting you:) You just can't be too careful these days! Love you and hope you have a wonderful day!!!!!

  2. I heard about that woman missing. Isn't that awful that you can't even take a walk safely? You have super-sweet children and that was so sweet of her. Congrats on a successful diet week.

  3. Great Job! Carry a little can of pepper spray and a whistle when you go out walking and ALWAYS carry your cell phone!!!!!!

  4. That is awful about that lady! And I know Britani could seriously kick the rear of anyone trying to get you :0)