Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fun Friday!!

Friday is my favorite day of week!! I love the weekend!! I got to work yesterday and Alex had pulled out some puzzles...she was so excited!!! She loves puzzles!!!!
So then she went and got more except they were a little harder! The first one we put together was 60 pieces and it was not so bad!

And then the next one was 100 pieces...and it just about got the best of me...I thought we would never find all those pieces!!!! But we finally got it and then what did we do? Took it apart and put it back in the box!!! Alex said "We can put it back together one day next week!!" Ha!! I don't think that we will be trying that one but I think that I will try to buy her a new one this weekend!! Maybe not so many pieces!!
Tracy worked from home Friday and wanted to get some stuff in the home office and this nice white shelf was in there so we moved it to Alex's room and put these nice storage containers in it!!
But then we decided to take a picture of the toys and label it so she would know what went where!! And it really turned out cute and she started working on putting the toys in the correct container but we will work more on it next week!!!
It was a wonderful day!!! My children are excited about a fun weekend and Jeff is home for a couple of days!!! You all take care!!
~Til Tomorrow~


  1. They do love puzzles! Nice organized bins:)Good job! It is Saturday morning and Alex got up at 6AM! I walked by her bed and she said "Good Morning Ganky":) So... we are up. Glad Jeff got to come home, enjoy your weekend! Love you, SIS

  2. looks like fun....i want to work with you :)

  3. Yeah, you do have the best job ever. Planning to see ya at church tomorrow.