Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Today is the day!!!! I will get to talk to him one last time and then he will be maling me his phone home!!! Not sure about the time that he will be leaving but it will be during the night tonight!! But as for me I won't hear from him until whenever!!!! :( Heartbroken!!! :( Crying!! :( Need Rolls of Bounty!! :( I sure am gonna miss him!! I know that he will be fine and that I will get to hear from him and that we even have web cams and all that but he is mine baby and I am just gonna miss him!!
I have a headache from crying and my face is puffy!! I really did good and held it together this weekend but now I am one big fat MESS!! I love this Marine soooo much!!

"He is my whole world and I love him so very much!!!"

Well I guess I will go and drink my coffee and try to clear my face up!! Those babies Alex and Avery don't understand me being upset so I try not to be in front of them!!! You all have a great day!!

~Till Tomorrow~


  1. Big hugs from me to you! That sweet Marine called me yesterday and we had a nice long chat:) I love him and we will all miss him! I pray that the time flies by quickly for us but mostly for him. I asked him if he was ready to go, he said he wanted to get on over there so he could get back:) We talked about when he returns and I told him we would have a big pool party, he liked that:) Love you Sis and hang in there!

  2. Oh I love the last picture he looks liek he's saying mama stop makin gpictures and lets get going :) ~ I don't have any words that will make it better for you, none at all, just know that we are thinking of you every second and that we all love you & will be praying so hard for Justin and the rest of those wonderful young men.....I'll send ya some Bounty, LOL!!! Oh, P.S. BTW Anywho....I liked Boot Camp MUCH BETTER THAN THIS DEAL ~ I LOVE YA, be strong my dear friend!

  3. My heart is breaking for you. The Lord will protect him and I also pray the time will go quickly. That's all I got for ya.
    "God, I ask that you send your angels and circle Justin the whole time he is gone... go before him and protect him. I also pray for my friend Cindy...and her kids, husband and family who are all going through this difficult time. Comfort them like only You can. Give them a peace that You are along with Justin and he will be ok and grow in You during this experience.Thank you, Father God! In Jesus Name, Amen."

  4. Bounty is kinda rough on the old nose, don't you think? Let's get you some Puffs with lots and lots of lotion and aloe. I completely understanding your pain and I know that nothing anyone says makes it any better. You've got your good friends and family here and Justin has his fellow Marines with him there. And of course, you both have your faith in the Lord. You'll wake up tomorrow one step closer to him coming back home.

  5. Let's just keep counting the Sundays like you are doing! Time will fly. Don't we always say "man, this year is flying"? Hope it goes by really fast. You know one thing is for sure. He WILL call him Momma EVERY chance he gets! Love you so very much!