Friday, December 11, 2009

Camp Lejeune....

Here we come!!! Yes that it right...We are heading to Jacksonville North Carolina to see Justin one more time before he leaves!! We all had to promise to try to keep our emotions on a happy level...well as much as I can!! He knows that it is impossible for us to leave and not be a little emotional. But we will all do the best that we can!! I can't wait to see his happy face!!!

Now on a more silly note: Yesterday, I was working at Tracy's and I had sent her a text asking about some candy that someone had given me that was expired and was asking if she thought it would make us sick...already eaten a piece!! So she text me back and said " No. If it was gobbas make you sick then it would have already" GOBBAS??? so I text back and said " I am gobbas throw it away anyways!!" Then she responded to me are you a turkey...she did not realize that she had sent it to me first like that!! LOL!! (gobbas=gonnas)

So a little later She sent me another text that read: I got Moxie Avery and Lexa Dolls! So then my reponse to her was..."Are you drinking while you are shopping? ...Your spelling is BAD!!!" Then I got a phone call...Moxie and Lexa are Dolls that she got for the girls!!! I have teenagers I had never heard of them I thought she got Movies for Avery and Alex Dolls!!! Does anyone out there see where I was so confused yesterday? She and I thought each other had became drinkers during all of this deployment stuff!!! But we aren't we just get a little confused sometimes...So funny!!! I am glad that we can laugh at some of the stuff we do!!!

Ok well...Going to see my Marine today and I will have pictures for you tomorrow!!! Have a great day!!

Let's kick deployments butt one day at a time!!!!

~Till Tomorrow~


  1. I can see you smiling:) Glad you are going and of course... I really have some good ideas. Why don't you all pretend that this is the weekend he is coming back instead of leaving! I laughed so hard at the texting stuff. Kelly said she doesn't even try anymore to get it right when texting. She said "just figure it out"! I turned off the feature that finishes the word for you because it was always giving me the wrong word. Hey Sis, Justin's clothes came that I had ordered and I need to give you some $$, so I'll see you sometime today! Love you!!!!!

  2. I was laughing so hard! I will keep drinking and texting if it will make you laugh through all of this! Can't wait to hear how the visit goes. I wish I was going! Hug him for each one of us! I know you will look crazy giving "Love hug, bear hug, bye hug" from all six of us, but that is the way it must be! Love you and you WILL be so happy you went!

  3. You and Tracy are funny! I'm glad you have the chance to go see him again! You must be proud parents! You've done a good job. Let him know we're all praying for him... even in Washington state! ;D

  4. TExting & funny!!!!! I was cracking up, my texting isn't the best either :)

    I'm glad you get to see Justin again befire he deploys & Yes you are RIGHT ~ KICKING DEPLOYMENT BUTT ONE DAY AT A TIME!!!!!!!!!!!! LYLAS ~ ((((((())))))) Ginat hugs for all of you! Chin up and know that we are all here for you ANYTIME YOU NEED US!!!!!!!