Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

Well first I will say that Austin had a wonderful Birthday Dinner!!
Here is a picture of all of us!!

Now we will move on the day at hand...Christmas Eve 2009!!! I can not believe that it is here!! And just about everything is done...Well except I have to go to the grocery store and do some cooking!! But that is not a big deal! I can get that done and hopefully be able to sit back and enjoy the day...We are all missing Justin but are adjusting to this deployment! I have my moments and still just don't deal with it so good but I have gotten a lot better that I was!

So, today we will cook for our gathering with My Family!!! We all gather at my church Fellowship Hall because we have a rather large family and this is a good place for us to go and have plenty of sitting room and everyone just enjoys the night! We don't have to cook a full meal it is just "Finger Foods"!!! Sometimes I like that the best!!! :) Then we will come home and A friend of mine is taking cookies to the Airport and passing out to the Soldiers that will be leaving to go to Afghanistan and I am thinking that I may go and join her! After that it is off to dream land and then wake up in the morning to get to see what Santa brings us!!

I hope that you all have a wonderful day!!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. Sometimes our posts are almost identical and that is because we enjoy time together! I certainly enjoyed the dinner and can't wait to see everyone tonight:) Have a Happy Christmas EVE day! Love you!

  2. The dinner was great and Austin did have a wonderful time! I laughed when I saw you and Ganky with the same picture! :) It is a great picture. I am so glad we did that.
    I believe you should go and pass out cookies. I feel, even though you may get a little emotional, you will be doing something that will make you feel closer to Justin. After all, wouldn't you want someone to do that for him when he was leaving? Sounds like a neat deal. Let me know what you decide. Have a great day. Love you!

  3. Loved the picture of all of bette rget to the market before it gets toooo crowded! I know who that friend is and if I was near you gals I'd be going along too, look out USO here come some Crazy Military Mama's LOL!!! You ladies are so very special, love to all of you enjoy your night & know that I will be thinking of's already Christmas morning for our boys, so Sons of Ours Merry Christmas! LYLAS!!!!