Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Heat is ON!!!

I have HEAT!!!! And its a good because the temps are gonna be cold and the heat will be needed!! A Friend of mine from church came over yesterday and took a look at it and it was something so minor...a defrost relay!!
I am so glad to have it fixed...I cooked dinner for him and his wife and My sister Barbara and and her husband came too! And then I had a very special guest!!! A MARINE!!!! oh no...NOT MINE!!!! My Niece is married to a Marine and he was in town for Christmas and so he came for dinner also!! I told him that if I could not get a hug from my Marine I would take a hug from him!! He just laughed...He knows how us Marine Moms are!! HA HA!!!
So another day gone and I will have to end this day with :
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. A defrost relay, well come on girl ~ we could have figured that one out ~ LOL!! I'd be lost without Mr. P, I can't fix anything & I don't want to either ~ that's what I pay him to do, HEHEHEHE! I'm glad the heat is back on now go toast your buns! I'm glad you got to hug a Marine, when ours aren't around a stand-in will do..I know I got lots of hugs from the Marines @ the Recruting station when I did the Toys-For-Tots :) of course I let everyone of them know that Billy was a "Brother" ~ two of them remembered him and remembered the day I stormed in there and threatended to beat up the Gunnery Sgt who was BIlly's recruiter, oh well!!! YOu know how us Marine moms are, LOL! Anyway, have a great day...God Bless and remember LYLAS!!

  2. I was so happy that it was a simple fix! Can't do without that heat in this cold weather. Sounds like a fun time was had by all at your house last night! I am also glad that you got to hug a Marine, any Marine will do, but family:) works too! I laughed at Lynda's comment storming in to beat up the Gunnery Sgt. Sounds just like us... I love her! Have a great day dear Sister! Love you!!!!

  3. You and Lynda are more alike than I originally thought! Too funny! Reminds me of you calling up there! Glad the heat is back on and you did just what your Momma would have done for someone who came to help..feed them a nice homecooked dinner! Good Gor! Love you!!!

  4. Glad you were able to have the heat repaired without a huge outlay of $$$. I had to giggle at the hugging a Marine. I don't hug other Marines. ;) But, I do find myself trying to find ways to take care of them (cooking, making stockings, blankets...). They're family, and we need to take care of our own. :)