Thursday, December 31, 2009

Britani is back X 2

This is the way I spell my Daughters name!!
It is like Brittany but is spelled like this: I know its weird but I like it and she is called all kinds of different names and she is so quiet that I am shocked that she corrects them!!
But she has been gone to Newnan Georgia since Sunday and I sure have missed her!! So when I got off work yesterday I hauled down to get her and also got an extra...Brittany!!! That is right I have 2 girls until Sunday!!
Britani Simmons and Brittany Dalton!!
Aren't they cute?
Brittany Dalton let me take a picture of her by herself if I promised to do a part of the blog just about her!! This is my Pastors niece and she is such a sweet girl!! I have been having her at my house for about 4 years. She goes on vacations with us and well just to be honest she is just about like one of my own! Her and her sister Lisa are just precious to me!! I love them both like they were my own!!

Ok well here it is New Year's Eve and I will start my cooking for New Year's Day!
Meatloaf, Collard Greens, Black Eyed Peas, Mac and Cheese, Corn, Cake and Sweet Tea!!! And what ever else we can throw in there!! We will be eating it up on Friday cause on Monday the eating will cease!!! It is D I E T time!!! UGH...did I really say that!! Oh yes I did!!
I will get thin in 2010!!!
Not sure how I will be bringing in the New Year yet but I will take pictures where-ever and what-ever I end up doing!!
Have a great day!!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. Glad she's back they ar ejust too cute! I know what you mean about extra snacking hasn't really done too much damage but I need to get the POUNDS off for this wedding!!!!! UGHHHHHHHH to have been norn thin :0 and tall oh well!!! Have a graet day, that food sounds YUMMY!!!! LYLAS!

  2. Cute pictures of both "Brits"! Love them both so much and yes they are so sweet, polite and really precious! Enjoy your day! HEY, who hung those letters? :) Love you!

  3. Two sweet "Gors". Love them both! I hope they have a great time together. Autumn had fun with Bradford last night! Tell him thanks for taking care of her for me! Love you and see you soon! Hey, you are late for work...haahaa!!

  4. Yummy! Your lunch sounds g-ooo--oo--ddd!
    I know it will be. Your Britani is certainly one sweetiepie, that's for sure.
    Happy New Year and lots of luck with Thin In '10 :0)