Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Gingerbread Man!!!

The other week the girls told me they wanted to make Gingerbread Men!!! I have never done that before but for them I will try anything! So while out and about I found this wonderful little kit! It has 12 cookies and decorations!!! I was so excited...Target $4.00!!! Well and they were even more excited when I should them what we would be making when they got home from school!! They told me I was the BEST Aunt Cindy ever!!! Alex said that she loved me more than this whole world!! I am thinking that that's alot!!!

I even made one and here is mine!!! Cute huh?

Here are some pictures of the decorating of the Gingerbread Men!!!

Avery decorating hers!!

Alex decorating hers!!

Look how cute...

Oh no....there goes his head!!!

Here is Alex's!

And there goes Alex eating the head off hers!!

We made the whole Parrish Family with Gingerbread Men!!

L-R Top Row...Derek and Tracy
Bottom Row....Autumn, Austin Alex and Avery!


  1. Cute! I saw some of those last night! They love crafts of any kind, but especially the ones you can eat:) Love you!

  2. Oh Cindy, so cute! I loved seeign them making their little cookies and didn't you ever know the head is the BEST PART!!!!! So cute, I'm glad you had a fun time with them, they sure do love you as do we all!!! Have a great day, LYLAS!!!!!

  3. Funny how we always eat the head first! I guess it is to go ahead and take him out of his misery! The Gingerbread peeps were so cute and I know they enjoyed them. Autumn and Austin even made theirs last night and Autumn enjoyed her Christmas Tree cake you left her after dinner. I think my gingerbread gor is looking thin...could it be because she is trying so hard to diet and not be so plump at Christmas time?? Love you and have a great day!

  4. Oh how cute! My kids always ate the heads off first too! I wonder why they do that?