Monday, December 14, 2009

Back at Home...

Well here I am back at home and I can say that we had a wonderful weekend trip!! Justin is such a joy to be around and he makes me smile all the time!! I took several pictures that I wanted to show....the first one here is Justin all snuggled up with his Georgia snuggie!!! He loves this and he actually gets to take it with him!!! I am so glad that they allow them to take so many things from home!!

This was a cute sight this morning both of the boys each on a laptop!! They were playing a game and I thought it was cute of them laying there both doing the same thing!! They are really close and Bradley is really gonna miss his brother!! But Justin is letting him drive his car while he is gone!! But Bradley is still not accepting things as good as I would like for him too!! But we will all just keep praying for him!!

And well Britani is just enjoying the fact that she got the entire back seat to herself!! She likes to sleep late and of course with not having too much time this weekend we did NOT do any late sleeping!! So she was just doing a little rest time and of course the cell phone is close by for the texting time!!

We have decided that we will being doing a countdown until Justin comes back! We are gonna be working on that even though we don't know an exact date we are going to estimate!! He doesn't actually leave until Wednesday early morning so the count-down will start then!!
You all have a great day!!

~Till Tomorrow~


  1. That's great that he can take some of his things from home & as soon as he has an APO/FPO you'll be able to send him things too & that will help to make you feel better knowing that you're able to do a little something for him. So, you can do this & when ever you're feeling like you can't just call!!! Bradley & Britani are such a joy & they'll be there for you to :) and what kin dof quiet time do you think you'll have with those two cutiepies hanging around raising a ruckus??? O.k., gotta run, have a great day!!! LYLAS!

  2. I can't believe with all that you did yesterday... you had time to do your blog:) I was quite surprised to see it but happy to see some pictures from the weekend. I had an idea too on somewhat of a countdown. I think on the 16th of every month, we should have a celebration of a month behind us. Sounds like fun. I actually sent Justin his first letter on Saturday:) I'll be sending mucho letters to my favorite Marine! Have a blessed day, I bet you are gonna have to have a nap this afternoon!

  3. You had a busy weekend, but totally worth it! I am so glad you decided to go. I know you are too! I loved the pictures, especially of your "Baby" in his "blankie"! ;) I love you very much and hope you have a wonderful day!

  4. I feel I am living this with you! I am praying for you.... and keep postive! xoxo