Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How did I ever agree to this...

Yes I know this is not me but this is how I felt last night!! I really was questioning myself on why did I ever agree to this!! And what I am referring to is, on Christmas morning Ganky, Tracy, Granny, Nanny and Myself don't buy for each other we usually give our favorite things for our gift! But this year, we decided to give homemade gifts!! And I am just not a crafty person and I have absolutely NO talent as far as this stuff!!!!!! I can cook all day long but 2 of my sisters are diabetic and I just didn't want to temp them with anything that would be anymore danger to their health!! And NO I am not gonna tell what I have made but I am SO glad that its done!!! I honestly wanted to just pull out my hair!! Now I just have to worry if they will like it or not!!

Every person is different when it comes to deployments, but this is the advice that I give to those going through their first deployments. It's worked for us during both of my husband's deployments to Iraq. It's never easy, but you can do it with God's help. The Lord will ultimately give you the strength and comfort that you need to get through this deployment.

1) Pray - protect your Marine with a bubble of prayer. He will feel the prayers.

2) Keep living - do not do daily countdowns at this point in time as it is usually counter productive, and this far out, the days aren't exact. Instead, count down month to month until you get closer to the end date. Make sure you have activities to look forward to at least once per month. Do not sit around the computer waiting for contact with him (unless you have a set time when you know he will be on the computer). Keep your cell phone on you, but do not turn down activities just because he "might" call.

3) Schedule Time - give yourself XX minutes to cry each day (if needed). Once you are done with that time period, you need to stop and think positively. If you start to feel down, do something that lifts you up (and pray). Have some projects that will make you focus on others and not yourself.

4) Mail - keep those packages & mail going to them. Mail is a huge moral booster. Try to keep mail upbeat whenever possible. Do not expect to receive mail back from him. He needs to focus on his job there. He'll do his best to stay in contact, but it's not always easy.

5) Encouragement - be a source of encouragement for him. First deployments are hard. He will probably get down at some point. He will get homesick, and he will get discouraged. The best thing you can do is stay upbeat and give him the encouragement that he needs. Let him know that you love him, you are proud of him, and you're praying for him.

I recieved this from a blogger friend that her husband is in the USMC and I appreciate it a lot! I will take all the help I can get. One thing I have learned in the past 18 months that Marines and their families stick together!! And they help each other all the time!!

Oh and by the way...I just got off the phone with Justin!! He is good and been busy...which Justin loves and is now where he can call some!! Yipeee...Today is a GREAT day!!!!

You all have a great day!!!

~Till Tomorrow~

3 days until Christmas!!


  1. I kno wwhat you mean, I have day swhen I say UGHHH why did I do that! I'm so glad that you got to thear from Justin, and that advice that you posted really does work & yes we'll have blue days & we'll have crazy days & we'll keep on doing what we do, but they'll never be far from our hearts or our thoughts! Have a great day, LYLAS!!

  2. Heller... I got a 5AM text message from you:) that you were on the phone with him! Didn't mind one bit getting awaken for that special news. I am so happy that you got that call and you know that he will be able to call again soon. WE KNEW he would call his Mama as soon as he could. Love you and that was some really good advice from you Marine friend! Happy Tuesday!!!!!

  3. i'm so glad you are getting to keep in contact with him. different times than viet nam! wow! technology is wonderful! praying for you and justin! xoxo

  4. I wish I had known all that when Mr. PTSD went to Iraq. Thanks for tips. Glad he was able to call you. =).