Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day 2009

Christmas Day 2009 is done and over!!! I love Christmas...I love every part of, shopping, decorating and being with the family! But then this year Justin was deployed and I honestly thought that my world was gonna come to an end! I have such a wonderful family and special group of friends that I am gonna make it!! I have received phone calls and talked to him on the computer and it just made my Christmas!!! Bradley and Britani really enjoyed themselves!!! They got everything they had asked for and well more if you want to know the truth!!! And well I got a sewing machine!!! So if you all want me to make you an outfit for the New year just let me know!! HA!!!! I am gonna start out with something easy and move up!! I really think that I am gonna enjoy it!! Here is a picture of Bradley and Britani getting ready to open their gifts!!!

Then we moved Christmas to Tracy's and Alex and Avery had seen their gifts under my tree and they were wanting to open them so bad!! Here they are with the big Barbies I got for them!! They really seemed to love them!!
Oh an here is my hand-made gift well one of them....I forgot to take a picture of the other one but this is the one that I worked on the longest!! A tote bag!!! I made one for Granny, Nanny, Ganky and Tracy...All different and special for each of them!! I sure hope they like it!!!
Well after this day was over and I sat down and thought about the entire day this is how I looked!! Well not really but I did have a big ol' smile on my face!!
I spent the entire day with FAMILY!!! I got to chat with Justin on the webcam right after midnight and see that sweet face and then I got to talk to him on the phone before the day was over!! What more could a mom of 1 marine and twins ask for...well except bring my son home now!! HA!! But all in all it was a great day and I did survive Christmas with Justin being deployed!!! I think I can do anything now!!!
You all have a great day!!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. It was a glorious day! I loved all of my gifts and getting to spend time with family... priceless. I am happy that you got to talk to Justin and got to see him on the webcam too. We'll make it one day at a time! Love you and gotta get to squishing sausage balls:)

  2. It was a great day. Everyone had a wonderful time and got what they wanted. Well, almost everything, but we will have that next Christmas! ;) Thanks for everything and the bags were great! Good job!! That is the part I really look forward to. Have a wonderful day. Please tell me when I can get Justin on the webcam when he has a little extra time (if that is even happening right now). Love you!

  3. Oh, it looks liek you had a great day! Poor Britani looked like she needed a few mores hours sleep, LOL but, that Bradley was READY TO GO! I'm glad that you got to talk to Justin, I know it isn't the same as him being home but you got to see that handsome face!!! Now is it off to the mall for some after Christmas sales?????? Whatever you do enjoy, LYLAS!

  4. I'm glad you're still smiling and it was such a wonderful day for you! How are Britani and Bradley doing with Justin being gone? I remember my brother in Nam when I was a teen and I kept my feelings bottled up... but I was SO scared and sad. How about your husband? What a toll it takes on a family. Our prayers are with you and our two Justins! xoxo

  5. Glad you had such a good Christmas Day. :) Also happy to hear you were able to video chat. I know that made things a bit easier.