Monday, December 28, 2009

It was a Law and Order kind of day

I started my Sunday out by going to church and really enjoyed it! I had lots of family there with me and that means alot to me!! I also had Rhonda and Kerry there and so we decided we would go grab a bite for lunch then we came home!! Still just exhausted from all the festivities!!! So I decided that I would stay home and keep a fire going in the fire place cause we still have no heat! UGH!!! But we are making it and either Sonny or Bobby will be coming this week to look at it!! I am putting it off as long as I can cause I am scared to hear the cost it will be to get it fixed!! But eventually I will have to have it fixed!! So anyways I stayed in and watched one of my favorite shows the entire day!!!
Here is the crew that was on ALL day long!! One right after another!! I have probably seen everyone of them but I still love to watch them !!

So another day down and this is another short week!! I will be cooking my New Years Day lunch but as far as anything else not much going on!! You all have a great day!!
~Till Tomorrow~
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  1. Oh my... I didn't know you still had no heat:( Got plenty of electric heaters? Hope it will be something simple! Love you and enjoy your day!

  2. Sounds like a perfect day to me. Maybe it's nothing major wrong with your heat.

  3. Well I hope the heat gets fixed soon, too. I did not even know it was still out either. I am not a Law and Order fan, but Autumn is. I love CSI, so I am sure I would probably love that too! Love you and GO DOGS!!

  4. Yikes, no heat GIRL Git' that thar thang fixed, LOL!!!! That's my Southern drawl for you ~ HAHAHA!!! Seriously...ughhh I'd be a Lyndasiscle if I didn't have heat here, its 15 degrees tonight & WINDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY ~ BRRRRRRRRRR!!!

    I love that show too, I see where Joyce over @ "Welcome To Mams House" watched "Crime TV" all weekend and couldn't sleep ~ scared herself silly!!! LOL, we are a silly bunch! Well, I'm glad you got to have another day of relaxing, you need it!!!! Have a great night & stay warm, LYLAS!!!

  5. I DID scare myself silly! Woke up with nightmares! No more marathons for me! lol! I love Law & Order too! GET that heat fixed!!!!!! xoxo