Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Brothers Party and 210 days left

This is my brother Marshall!! I know that you all hear alot about my sisters but I have 2 brothers! We get together every year to celebrate his birthday and we really enjoy it!! It is something that I look forward to each year!! Even this year with everything going on I was looking forward to it!! This is a picture of his 3 girls (L-R)
Kelly, Crystal and Suzanne
These girls are just great!
They pull together and cook for us to come for dinner and the food was wonderful!!
Here is another sibling picture:
Theresa, Marshall, Brenda, Barbara and Me!!
Missing Leon!!

Well everything always works out!! I was so dreading the final phone call from Justin!! But we just happen to still be a the party and got the call from him and yes it broke my heart and yes I had to shed a few tears and had to go get a quick squeeze from Ganky! But, it really helped being with family when it happened!! They got me right back into a smile and got my mind off of things!!

So starting today we will begin a countdown!!!
210 days until Justin comes home!!
I hope that you all have a great day!!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. I love Ganky's Christmas sweater, so festive & you look so pretty all dress up! You're brither looks like he really enjoyed himself & his girls are beautiful, that Kelly has such a pretty smile! I'm glad you were surrounded by family when Justin called ~ all of my love to you!!! LYLAS!!!

  2. Well, let's try this again, I just typed my comment and lost it.... arrrggghhh. Fun, fun, fun at the Kelly home. Lot's of good food and sweet fellowship. Love our Brother, he is one of a kind for sure. Great picture of him showing off his syrup:)

    I will be right there beside you for every day that is counted down, every minute, every second. "One Day at a Time, Sweet Jesus"

    Love you, and squeezes are free:) any day, any time!

  3. I am so glad you guys went! I know it helped being around so much Family when the "call" came. He will be ok and I can not wait until you hear from him the first time. Love you!!!

  4. Love your pictures. Haven't had a chance to look at mine yet, but I know I got some good ones. Like Theresa said, one day at a time. And when you think about it that way, it does make things seem more manageable. Keep yourself and your family busy. Sure makes the time go by faster. Love ya!