Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Two nights of cooking...

Well for 2 nights we have eaten at home and well last night was just left-overs! I had cooked Ham and Potato Salad and other fixings for all my guest Monday and then we had the left overs last night!! I am not much for left overs but it was so good that I decided that we would eat it and stay in! It is just too darn cold to be out and about!! Especially when I had all this good food right here in my nice warm home!!
So home is where we stayed!!!
Still no word from Justin but did hear from the Family Resource Officer through a calling post message and she said that my Marine has arrived safely in country and that they are setting up communication lines so I take it I won't be hearing from him until they get it set up!! But "No News is Good News!!!" I just keep sending letters and mailing packages!!!
So this is the Last Wednesday of the 2009!!! This year has just flown by!! I hope the next 7 months do too!!
I have had a mirror hanging over my Television for a while now...But it fell!!! It did not break!!! YAYYY!! The mirror came from my Daddy's house and My sister Barbara got it when he past away and then I got it when I moved in my house! But now her husband is gonna fix it and put it in her house!! We had gotten some Christmas Money...Thank you Peggy and Sonny!!! So I went to Kirklands and bought a new mirror to hang!!! I can't is so pretty and big!! It matches all the black frames in my house and I just know that I will love it!!! I will show you pictures when I get it hung!!!
Also have you heard of the new shoes that are put out by Reebok? They are called Easy Tones!! They are suppose to help with weight loss/toning up!!!

I really wanted some until....They cost $100.00 dollars!!!!

I don't think they would work that good!!! I think I will just spend a little extra and get back on my diet!!!
So 2010 is my year to get thin!!!!!
You all have a great day!!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. For $100.00 they should do the walking for us, LOL!!!! I had a bunch of leftovers too afther the holidays but they're gone now & I'm getting back to eating healthy :( (not sure if that should be a smile or a frown ~ hehehe) well anyway sweetie, stay warm, I'm glad you got to hear something from somebody & that you'll be hearing from Justin soon, have a great day LYLAS!!!!!

  2. I saw you were up really early and was hoping you had gotten a call! I woke up with Justin on my mind and I am headed to buy a bunch of hand and feet warmers. Now that I know he is where he is gonna be, more packages will be mailed from ME! Love you and stay warm!

  3. I have heard of the shoes, but have not heard how they work. Let me know!!
    Now that I know he is receiving letters and packages, I will get busy!!! I am glad he is doing well and that you talked to him today. Love you and see you soon!

  4. I tried on a pair of those shoes, and they were comfortable. I opted for something less expensive. ;)

    Waiting for them to get comm set up is no fun, but it shouldn't take too long. I always enjoyed sending letters and packages as it helped me stay connected when I wasn't able to communicate with my hubby.

  5. OK, here's a question for you, for some reason on my iphone, I can't see your blog!? It's been like this for some time. Some days I don't get on my laptop. I can read everyone else's but yours? What's the deal?
    Anyway, love you and thinking of you and Justin and praying for him daily.