Friday, December 4, 2009

I hate roller coasters!!!

I hate roller coasters!!! I do not like the ups and downs or the twist and turns!! They make me sick!! I feel as though I am on one now days!! The United States Marine Corps Roller Coaster...get in, sit down, shut up and hold on!!! One day they are shipping out in January then they may ship out this month and then I get the phone call that Justin will be deployed before Christmas and so when he comes home this weekend I will be having Christmas with him!!! I am cooking him breakfast and having the some family over and we will have Christmas morning on December 5th...just 20 days early!! Yes I know he will be fine and yes I know that we will all be praying for him and that he is trained well...but who and I mean who will put my heart back together!! I talk to him everyday several times a day and once he leaves...who is going to put my heart back together!!! I know that you all are here for me and I need each and everyone of more than ever!! This is a happy picture to look at...He loves to come home and see his family!! He is the happiest here, but felt like that USMC is what God wanted him to do and yes it has brought several people back into church and it has definetly help my prayer life!! I just know that when I can't do anything else...I just Pray!! So I will be doing lots of Praying for the Months to come!!!

You all have a great day!!

~Till Tomorrow~


  1. Yes, I am sitting in the seat beside you in that roller coaster! I have those pictures sitting beside my chair, him in his dress blues, his casual senior picture and the little glass thing Begima gave me... but to me, he is still that little boy wanting a "hat dog" at the stadium and some "cardboard" when my pork chops were a little crisp:) I will be praying for him and you and yes, it does make me feel better. We all have each other and he knows how much we love him! I still say I should call the President and tell him we don't want Justin to go:) Love you, SIS

  2. I'm right beside you, Lou! I certainly do not want him to go either, but am glad we will get to see him this weekend. It is all just so scary. We will cross our fingers that they change their minds, but if they do not, we will ALL keep your heart in place until you see him again. That is what we do!! Love you!

  3. Cindy, I've read and re-read and tried to think of something to say to you but I can not......the only thing that will put your heart back together is seeing Justin home safe again ~ BUT until then my dear friend know that we are all here for you and we will hold you in our hearts and pray extra prayers until that day comes. I am always here for you, so don't be shy call me anytime I MEAN THAT!!! Know that I love you, you are such a special person, and if you feel like you're going to explode go to the batting cages or the driving range and hit some balls until you around the block, take up a spinning class and spin yourself silly!!! Hike to the top of the highest mountain and SCREAM, CRY, LAUGH ~ just don't go it alone because we are here for you. LYLAS!!!!!

  4. Oh, my sweet Cynthia. What a good mom you are. Hold him in your heart like you have every day of his life and he'll keep it together for you. The only good thing I can think of about being deployed sooner rather than later is that it gives you less time to dread and anticipate what you felt like was coming. And the sooner he's deployed, the sooner he'll be back to his beloved family and home.

    BTW, Christmas morning 20 days early, I bet the kids are loving that.

  5. My heart is breaking for you too. I am so sad to think your face is not smiling. Please stay strong. Justin and the kids need you to be strong! Keep smiling and let your faith shine. And know you have so many people who are here for you when you need to break down.... especially the Lord. And He is always with you and is always watching over and with Justin. Love you, girlfriend! xoxo