Thursday, December 17, 2009

Not Alot

So here we are and just not alot going on around here! I worked and then I cam home and well wrapped Christmas presents for EVER!! I thought I would never finish!! I just really have not been in the mood to do it but it is just about a week until Christmas so I thought that I better get them wrapped!! Today is a busy day...Girls Christmas Party and then they have their program tonight!!
Keep Justin in your prayers!

209 day until My Marine comes home!!
You all have a great day!!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. Ahhhh present wrapping, sick of it too. No matter how many times I say... "I am not gonna do this again, I shop 'til I drop and wrap, wrap, wrap:)

    Prayer will get us through:) Love you and see ya at the party:)

  2. My whole evening sounds just like yours. I had to deal with nine teacher gifts and one bus driver last night!! That is a LOT!
    I can not wait until you hear from Justin. I know he will not be able to say alot, but "I'm fine, Mom." (and) "It's not bad at all, Mom." would be great to hear. Love you and see you soon!!!

  3. You know gals I'm right there with you!!! HATE TO WRAP :( that's why I use gift bags for almost Cindy you just have to put up pictures of those little ones @ their program, I just get such a kick out of them, always hamming it up for a picture!

    Justin is in my prayers I think about him often during the day, and I think of you too :) so we just have to keep having postive thoughts and keep our prayer circle going and by the grace of GOd they'll all be back home before you know it! Love Ya kiddo, SMILE & Laugh because you know Justin wouldn't want his mama feeling blue.....Prayers & hugs coming your way....LYLAS