Monday, July 5, 2010

As the Days go by

Oh what great day the 4th of July was for 2010!!!!
We went to church and you know that everyone was so sad for the couple that was in the train wreck...which there has been no change!! But I still can't help but to rejoice in the fact that well within a week I will see my Marine!! OH...I am so excited!!
Then after church and checking on the sick family we come home and got dressed to go to a pool party at GANKY'S!! We had the best time!!! Jeff played in the pool with the kids and they did love it!!
Here is Jeff and Bradley throwing Avery and she is in mid air!!

Here is some of the kiddos making a tower...Bottom to top...
Bradley, Autumn, Britani and Alex!!! They had so much fun!!

Here is Jeff with his girls...Uncle Jeff, Alex and Avery...They love each other so much!!!

We even have fireworks!! Bradley playing with the sparklers!!

And Avery sure enjoyed the watermelon!!

It was just a great time had by all and Big thank you to Ganky and Pa for the invite!!
Please keep praying for that family involved in the train wreck!!
Have a great day!!
I would love to wish my Brother Leon and Happy Birthday!! We will be doing lunch today to celebrate!!
Enjoy your day!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!!!


  1. Great post, Lou. We did have a great time! I hope you have a wonderful day and please tell Leon happy bday from us. We have an out of town guest and have to prepare! LU!

  2. I know where I wish I was yesterday!!! Looks like a real fun day! You needed that time to just relax.. since you'll be on pins and needles all week! lol! Praying for you, Justin, and the couple from the wreck. Keep us updated! Loves & hugs!

  3. We did have a great time, didn't we? We always have fun whatever we are doing, because we all love each other! The week will go by quickly and we'll be going to hug our precious Marine before we know it!

    I am steady praying for Danny and Linda! I pray miracles happen for them. They are surely a great couple!

    Love you bunches! HUGS!

  4. Praying for your church family, I hope that with a lot of prayer and some luck they pull through...praying, praying & more praying. It's all we can do for them!

    From the pics it looks like a good time WAS had by all! Avery eating the watermelon was by far my FAVORITE ;D

    Can't wait for that Marine reunion, savor every minute my sweet friend! Sending love & hugs your way! LYLAS!!