Sunday, July 11, 2010

What kind of day this will be?

For 7 months my son has been deployed and I have waited for this day since he left!!!
What day is that you ask?
I get to touch him and hug him and kiss him and love him and OMG...I can't wait!!

I have not blogged in a few days, just because I have not been able to tell what was going on but as of today I can tell you!!! He is on a flight home and they will start receiving families on base at 9 pm and he will be in sometime after that!!!! AND OMG....I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!

Pictures will be posted tomorrow and you will be able to experience with me the joy of my Marine coming home!!!!
Enjoy your day!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!!


  1. Oh Cindy, what an evenin git will be for you!!! The last few hours will just creep by BUT THEN "BAM" you'll be seeing that sweet face & you will just melt!!! You have been a trooper, your sense of humor & your faith have sustained you, but now it's time to melt & let it all out AND GIRL YOU WILL ~ You will be one big ole' HOT MESS :D but that's o.k. ~ cry laugh, shout for joy YOUR BOY IS COMING HOME!!!!! I love you dearly & I cannot wait to see pictures, my love to all of you! LYLAS!!

  2. I am headed that way. I am beyond excited:). Love you bunches!

  3. WOOT! May be a LOOOOONG Day. But it's been a long time comin' so THAT'S OKAY!!
    I've heard about some of those late night "early morning" arrivals. GAHHH only makes us women that much more emotional!!!
    hang in there. Love and hugs and feeling the excitement and goosebumps with you. Now let's see ...what can a Marine Mama at a Homecoming Event do to occupy herself 'til THE HOUR??????
    :-) :-) :-)
    Watching for pics!!! Hugs sent out to the coast.

  4. WhooHoo! By now, I'm sure your son, your Marine is safely home in your arms. I'm beyond excited for you. :) Can't wait to see the pics.