Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Lord have mercy what a past couple of days I have had!!!
I was up most of the night waiting on my Marine to come in and well about 12:30 or 1:00 he came marching up and OMG...did I ever scream!! I was s very happy to see him!!
This is another sign that was put up beside the one that I had!! And Proud of them we are!!!

Here is Justin with his banner!! OMG...he is so handsome and I am so happy to have him home!!

Here we are all dressed and ready to go see him....Ganky made our shirts for us and buddy EVERYONE loved them!!!

Lisa, Britani and Bradley all excited for to see Justin and well we really thought he would never get here!!

And then he did!! OMG...what a feeling!!! I am so happy!!!
This is him and one of his Marine Brothers...LCPL. Pippert!
His dad has cancer and they are not expecting him to live and he got emergency leave and will be able to be with his family during this sad time!

And he is back and playing his guitar!! He loves it...And so do I!!

And my side kick and my dear precious Sister got to get a quick pose with her favorite Marine!! It was VERY late and we were VERY tired, but can always take a picture with him!!

SO ladies....He is home and he is wearing me to a frazzle but I am loving every moment of it!!! He has to go into work today but will be back later and we will have another evening full of fun and lots of laughing!!!
Enjoy your day!!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!
SO many over there still fighting and still need our prayers!!


  1. So SO SO SOOO SOOOOOO SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Very Happy for you, Marine Mama and Military Mom Sis!!!
    I know you are just letting it all come to rest now, Cindy Lou...all these months of holding up all those emotions, trying to act and stay normal while having one of your children in the middle of dangerous combat, fighting in a war.

    I know.....

    God bless you. Have fun out there on the NC coast, and just eat that Marine up! one spoonful at a time. He's back. :-) Hugs to you. God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh my gosh SIS! I am still excited! I love that Justin so much, he is just the sweetest young Man! We watched the video last night with the family and I saw tears flowing in the crowd here:) It was wonderful to see and hear the sounds over and over! I love you and thanks for sharing him with me! I wouldn't take anything for this journey, it has taught me so much about the power of prayer:)

    Love you and have a most blessed day! Running late blogging... got a good night's sleep THANKFULLY!

  3. You tell that boy of yours..thank you from this Tx gal for fighting..for the USA and for my freedom and my families!! We keep him in our prayers daily!!After all..we are all a extended family in God's house!!!

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  4. Oh I am so happy for all of you! Justin Webb Simmons I AM SO HAPPY YOU ARE HOME :)!!!!

    Cindy, enjoy every second but PLEASE rest when he is busy or at work! I ran myself into the ground and had to take a few days off FROM EVERYTHING to re-charge and I did not like it one bit! The Lord let's us be strong when we have to be but Buddy, when it's over it's really over & we CRASH!!!!

    Can't wait to see more pics, go andhave fun!!1 Love to all of you!

  5. Welcome home, Justin!!!!

    Make sure you get some rest while he's busy, so you can enjoy your time with him. :)

    I know that must be an amazing feeling/ relief!
    I left you a little something on my blog! I hope you enjoy it!