Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just in time!!

So many times I blog and never mention my husband!! Well this is him...Jeff!!
We have been married almost 22 years!! YAYYY!!
Well back at the beginning of the year he was laid off from his job and I was fixing to start school and well things became a little different for us...but we have made it!! I will be starting back to school in about 2 weeks and was getting a little worried about things because he was still working through a temp service and not making the money he once did!!
Well as of yesterday he got a phone call from a guy that he worked with MANY years ago and asked if he would be interested in a job change! They have an opening driving a pick up truck, making deliveries to job sites!!! Oh, how perfect is that!! He will be making more money and I can go back to school with not worrying about his job situation!!
God does things just in time!!!
You all have a great day!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!!


  1. Oh I am so happy for Jeffro! He is such a good fella and I know he is excited about his new job! It sounds like God's timing was perfect "as always"! Love you bunches and have a blessed day! HUGS!

  2. Oh Cindy Lou...I am thrilled for this news, even though I didn't know all that was going on for ya'll.. WE have been through this too.
    It is sometimes like being on a roller coaster. I hope that Jeff will really like the work. A man and his Job... IT is a BIG deal.
    They need that affirmation and acknowledgement from their work environment, and they also need to feel accomplished in what they are doing every day...I KNOW!!!! It's a journey. Wives are just the biggest factor in that time of cheering and supporting and loving and believing in those men... I hear ya! RAH!!!!
    Identifying today! Happy for you!!!
    God is good. His timing is perfect as Theresa said. And in the mean time...that period of waiting to see what God will do...HE is working on bigger and better things in our faith and growing and stretching us for our future steps in the journey! KUDOS to you girl for continuing your school studies. You are inspiration! woot. HUGS!!!

  3. Oh, Cynthia, I'm so excited. He deserves it and so do you!

  4. Praise God! He is good always!

  5. Oh Cindy, I am so happy for the both of you! Fantastic news! Let us know how he likes it, tell him I said Congratulations & Good Luck! LYLAS!