Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Back to Normal!!!

So yesterday was a day that I got to do a normal day!! I was with these two precious babies and got some special hugs and kisses from them!!

And for the first time in about...say 7 months I was able to work and not stress about the fact that my son was in the sandbox, being shot at, needed a shower, wanted a home cooked meal and just really missed home!!! I can honestly say....I AM RELIEVED!! I got a couple of text from him and I am just so glad to have him back! So now life is good and I am getting things back to normal!!

I am up and off here...I have grocery shopping to do for Tracy and then a day of work!! You all enjoy your day!! I also gotta go vote!!

Enjoy your day!!

Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!!


  1. I thought about it so many times yesterday, how he wasn't in harm's way and how thankful I am! Enjoy your normal day again with those babies. I know that all of them are happy to have you there:)

    Love you bunches, Sis!

  2. Rah for NORMAL!!! Still praying for Justin as he acclimates back to Fleet life on LeJeune..
    Hugs to a mama who is happy and at peace about her Marine... :-) Have a great day! Know you are glad to be HOME!

  3. I also thought about the relief you must have been feeling during the day yesterday. I am also so happy he is back! Love you and have a great day!

  4. Enjoy your normal day and those two precious baby girls! They are just beautiful & make me smile from ear to ear!!! Glad you got some hugs & kisses, what a way to start a Monday! So happy that Justin is back and getting back to normal & in a short time he'll be home for a bit, can we say OOHRAH!!! Have a great night! LYLAS!