Saturday, July 31, 2010


Everyone gathered and everyone had flags and everyone was so ready to see Justin!!
I guess I probably had close to 75 people here to welcome home!!

And here he is...well his car...he was driving some of those that went to meet him at the end of the street back to the house with him!! Love seeing that little blue car drive up!!

And here he is with Wally...He loves this dog!!!

And then back and doing his favorite thing...Playing his guitar!!!

Everyone seemed to have had a wonderful time and everything was just perfect...But ladies...I AM WHOPPED!! My feet hurt my legs hurt my back hurts and I am just give out...even after a good nights sleep!!
But I am off here to go and cook my Marine so Breakfast!!
Everyone enjoy your day...we will be having another party today at Ganky's!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!


  1. Amen Sister!!! What a great day you had! Loved seeing him holding Wally, after Billy was in the house and put his bags down he was on the floor loving up Ms. B....a boy and his dog!

    I know you're tired but SOOO Happy to have him under your roof & sleeping in his room! Make him a great big breakfast & BTW you better take out a loan YOU'LL need it for all of the food he will be putting away LOL!!!! love Ya & get some rest!

  2. Oh SIS, what a day! I am so happy to have him home... even for a while! We all enjoyed the party but most important HE enjoyed it and felt SO loved!

    Thank you for all your hard work last night to welcome him and all of us!

    NOW IT'S MY TURN! See ya later this afternoon for the Ganky party! Love you! SIS

  3. Goose bumps for you...
    Thanks for sharing a very very special moment... Hugs to Georgia Marine lovers...

  4. What a wonderful welcome home for him! Just perfect! You are an awesome mom and I am sure every second is worth the pain. Love you, praying for you, hug Justin for me and thank him! Enjoy your day and sit by the pool with your camera and let others serve you today! xoxo