Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Why must you...

Well I got up yesterday morning and I went off to the grocery store for Tracy and I always shop at Kroger!!! Well, I seem to have some trouble with them and their customer service!! I feel like that if I go and buy $300.00 worth of groceries...Someone should help me out to the car and put the groceries in it for me!! But not at Kroger...yesterday they took my groceries out and just left me!! I called and reported the young lady that just left me standing there with 2 buggies!!! And I asked "Why must you do this to me first thing in the morning?"! UGH!!!
But they assure me that it will not happen again...we will see!!

Anyways off to another day and getting a party planned for my son to come home in 9 days!!!

You all enjoy and please...



  1. You should have called me, I would have helped you:) Love you and have a blessed day, Sis!

  2. HOW RUDE! I'm sure you set them straight though. Good girl. They never offer to take my groceries out at Kroger, but at Publix I have to practically beg them not to.

  3. Where's Help when you need it????? Call the Marines!!! RAh... What used to be a given in the "serving the customer" mentality is now scarce. It's a do it yourself world.
    Check yourself out, bag it yourself, push it out, and unload it yourself. Just like pumping your own gas. ahh Mayberry is not around anymore.... Hugs to you!!!

  4. wow... I am so proud of you for calling! Nothing can be changed unless you tell the management. Hopefully it will! Glad things are back to normal! xoxo

  5. Well, I'll be ~ you should have kicked her in the shin ;D.....I bag my own and the grocery stores up here don't help you out not even the little old ladies....hmmm!

    Cindy girl, I have to tell you I spent more time at the market while Billy was home :D YIKES!!! Marines can eat!