Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pretty in Pink?

This is not my eye..but what mine looks like!!
It is all yucky and itchy and I just may haVe to go to the doctor today to get some meds for it!!
I have a lot to do but...I can't take this!!
I love the color pink but not in my hurts and itches and runny and I just want some medicine!!

So no church for me to get this taken care of!! My Dear Sweet Uncle is not doing so good and I wanted to go and visit with him but with my eye and knowing that it is very contagious I will not be going!! :(
Enjoy your day!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!!


  1. Hope it isn't pink eye. Maybe chlorine related from yesterday. Love you and I will miss you at Church. Sis

  2. Oh, I hope it isn't pink eye :c that is so itchy, painful & contagious! But, didn't you go swimming yesterday, maybe the chlorine was really high in the pool! Anyway go get it taken care of, hope you're feeling better soon! Have a restful Sunday, LYLAS!

  3. Hot wash clothe on the eye helps it feel better and pulls out the yuck. Praying it feels better soon... I think you need the doctor too. xoxo

  4. oh NO! hope it is only irritated and note the dreaded Pink Eye!!!!!!!! saying a little prayer for you today. I have questions for you about Justin's free time or liberty immediately after he got much time he got to be with ya'll off base..... Hugs!