Monday, July 19, 2010

I am home!!

Well we are home and I sure miss that smiling Marine of mine! But I know we must all get back into a normal routine!! I am heading back to work today along with everyone else in my house!
But before we got on our way Justin wanted me to stop by his barracks for just a minute...he had something to give me!!
It is his deployment badge!!
I stayed attached to him the entire time and is used for identification in case it would have been needed....THANK YOU ALL FOR THE PRAYERS....IT WAS NOT USED!!!
I will always keep it and always know what it means!!!

SO we start off another week and then in just about 11 days Justin will be coming home!! YAYY!!

Please continue to pray...Billy P.(LYNDAS MARINE) is now on the same base with my Marine!! YAYYY!!! But will most likely have to face deployment beginning of next year and Justin (JULIES MARINE) is in the big sand box and those guys out there really need prayers!! I am so thankful to have my Marine home!!! After so many stories he has told...Prayer REALLY REALLY does work and so....



  1. Oh how sweet, that boy really knows just what to do to tug at our heartstrings:) I just love him to pieces and he knows it! Have a most blessed day dear Sister! I am glad we all made it home safely from our journeys! I have Julie's Justin's address and will be packing him one of my special boxes today! Hearing those guys talk about eating what we sent instead of MREs really makes you feel good:) Love you, SIS

  2. Oh Cindy Lou, I have just teared up reading your post. I hope the same will be blessed upon my Justin and so many others we are praying for that they will return home with no major injuries. I read an article written by an embedded reporter specifically about Justin's platoon and where they are and what they have gone through. They have nothing at their outpost.. I had no idea... I wept. Thank you for your encouragement. It helps all of us to stick together.. Going on six weeks.
    Thanks for your prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Yay!!! Welcome Home Momma Cindy! Yes, it's time to get back to normal everywhere ;D so we pick ourselves up & dust ourselves off & carry on! Billy will be fine, Justin will be fine ~ Julie's Justin will be home before we knwo it! And well us M.O.M's. will be just fine too!

    That deployment badge is something to cherish & treasure! Praise the Lord that it didn't have to do "it's job" ~ like we joked about the Lord sent Justin home because he had had enough of us ;D! I am so happy that he is home he is healty & he is safe!

    Get ready for the time home with him and your money because those Marines CAN EAT!!!!! LYLAS!

  4. That's very special and what a sweet son you have, but of course, you already know that, right? Glad you had fun and welcome back home! Love ya!

  5. Sorry you had to say "see you later" to your sweet Marine, but glad that you made it safely home.

    Always praying for all of our Marines. We can't stop until they're all safely home...